2024 NPDN National Meeting - call for volunteers

The 2024 NPDN National Meeting will be held in Maine in September 2024 (details to come).

The NPDN National Meeting provides professional development and networking opportunities to NPDN members and the broader diagnostic community. In preparation for the 2024 NPDN National Meeting, we are now looking for volunteers from each region to join the different planning sub-committees. Help us make this event a big success, and ensure that the meeting program and activities suit the needs of the network.

BIC & NAPIA Biennial Meeting 2023


The NAPIA & BIC joint meeting will be in Greenville, SC 5-9 November, 2023. 

The BIC & NAPIA Biennial Meeting is an opportunity for members and colleagues from around the world and from many diverse disciplines to interact and exchange information on bean and pulse improvement.

All are invited to join the BIC-NAPIA meeting!

The BIC & NAPIA meeting aims to:

Announcing a new workshop; Is MFIT a good fit for you?

Karen Snover-Clift and Barb Riker, Cornell University, NEPDN  
Dr. Megan Romberg, Dr. John McKemy, USDA-APHIS, National Mycologists   
Dr. Karen Rane, University of Maryland, NEPDN

We are pleased to announce a new professional development workshop coming this spring! The Morphological Fungal Identification Techniques Workshop, or MFIT Workshop for short, will be available to NPDN members, partners, and colleagues around the time of the PPCDL Workshops.

68th Western International Forest Disease Work Conference (WIFDWC)

Please join us on June 5 - 9, 2023 in Rohnert Park (Sonoma County), CA for the 68th Western International Forest Disease Work Conference (WIFDWC)! The following email includes previously shared information in addition to the newly updated registration website and highlighted reminders about deadlines (the first deadline is April 6th for the hotel)! As always, you can also visit for more information.


Register online by April 17th at:

Recording Access for 2021 & 2022 Beltsville Workshop Participants

Everyone that attended virtual workshops in 2021 and 2022, now have access to the formatted recordings for the workshop topics they attended. The 2021 participants will have access to the 2022 materials. Instructors made some improvements between the two years and decided to give everyone access to the 2022 materials.

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