NPDN Impact

NPDN Impact Reports

Impact of the NPDN Fact Sheet

A summary of the NPDN mission and its key accomplishments from the inception of the organization through 2010.

National Impact of the NPDN with Plant Inspection Information

Describes how NPDN first detector training and diagnostics support the missions of USDA-APHIS-PPQ, and U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and lists a record of achievements.

NPDN PPV Case Study

A summary of plum pox virus (PPV) and the critical surge capacity for PPV detection that NPDN provided to USDA-APHIS and state departments of agriculture in Michigan and New York in 2006.

NPDN Asian Soybean Rust Case Study

The role that NPDN sample chain of custody and communications training, conducted in partnership with USDA-APHIS and state regulators, played in confirmation of the first detection of Asian soybean rust in North America.

NPDN P. ramorum Case Study

Illustrates the importance of having a prepared nationwide diagnostic network: NPDN diagnostic surge support to USDA-APHIS and state regulators immediately following the first detection of Phytophthora ramorum in the United States helped avert catastrophic financial losses to U.S. nurseries.

How diagnostic networks and interagency partnerships protect plant systems from pests and pathogens

Describes the National Plant Diagnostic Network, the National Clean Plant Network, and the Citrus Clonal Protection Program and illustrates how these U.S. investments in diagnostics, germplasm screening and development, and training and education support cooperation among federal, state, industry and land grant university personnel  to safeguard agriculture at the state, regional and national levels.

NPDN 2019 Strategic Plan

2019 NPDN Strategic Plan -- NPDN conducted an internal Strategic Planning between 2017-2019. The 2019 NPDN Strategic Plan identifies the mission of the NPDN, a vision for the network, the goals and objective for the future of NPDN, and the NPDN response to USDA-NIFA challenges issued in the 2016 cooperative agreement.

NPDN 2016 review

Report of the Review Committee --  A committee composed of representatives of major stakeholders, U.S. government agencies and NPDN university partners convened by USDA-NIFA to conduct a critical review of all facets of NPDN.  The review is divided into six sections following the 2007 framework of the mission, scope, and structure of the NPDN. In each section, the summary is followed by a list of action items with specific recommendations for future improvement of the NPDN.

NPDN 2007 five year review

In January 2007, a committee composed of representatives of major stakeholders and NPDN university partners convened by the NPDN Executive Committeeto to conduct a critical review of all facets of NPDN. The review addressed NPDN mission, scope, accomplishments and challenges and provides specific recommendations for improving the network.