Job Location
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Job Closing Date

Entomology and Plant Pathology

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Summary of Job Duties:
The successful candidate will serve as lead diagnostician and manage the Arkansas Plant Health Clinic, with duties aimed at safeguarding plant health in Arkansas.

Responsibilities include the diagnosis of plant diseases along with detection and identification of plant pathogens. Critical duties of the position include the accurate and timely diagnoses, recommendations for growers, and educational efforts to stakeholders for prevention and treatment of plant health concerns. Outreach efforts through newsletters, displays, and presentations focus on education of homeowners, farmers, and Master Gardeners.

In addition, this position is expected to provide training, collaboration and support to county extension agents and their county programming efforts. Activities of the Clinic address the needs of Arkansas’ citizens and its agricultural and horticultural sectors. The Clinic also functions as an active partner in the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network (SPDN) and the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN).

Other activities could include the development and adoption of novel pathogen detection methods and monitoring programs for emerging pathogens and pests of concern in Arkansas.

The candidate also will be expected to collaborate effectively with departmental research, teaching, and extension faculty.