Job Location
Jerry Dimitman Diagnostic Laboratory, 1201 Research Park Dr, STE 500, Riverside, CA
Job Closing Date

The Citrus Research Board Laboratory Manager is an important part of the organizational structure diagnosing CLas in the fight against Huanglongbing.
The Citrus Research Program is a grower-funded and grower-directed program established in 1968 under the California Marketing Act as a mechanism for enabling the California citrus growers to sponsor and support needed scientific and technical research to further the goals of the California citrus industry. The program is administered by the Citrus Research Board, which is commonly referred to as the CRB.

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This position focus on Citrus diagnostics serving the industry in California.  The lab is located about a mile or so away from the UC Riverside campus and there are interactions with the university and the co-located USDA ARS Citrus Repository.