During the last year, IT/CERIS and the NPDN Online Communications and Web Portal committee have been preparing to migrate the NPDN website to a new location. While the migration is a technical necessity to address software obsolescence, it also has provided the opportunity to refresh things.

Throughout the month of September, you will see a lot of changes to the NPDN website. The most noticeable change is a brand-new look. This new look is so fresh, open, and different, that the first time you go to npdn.org, you will be wondering if you really are in the right place. But rest assured, you will see all the same familiar content as you navigate the new website. Here is a snapshot of the new look:

new website look

It is important to know that this first new look marks only the beginning of the changes, and further improvements will be implemented in the upcoming months. Here are some of the improvements you can expect over the next few months:

  • Since last year, we have been working hard to improve the organization of the site so it’s easier to navigate. Expect to find things moving around a bit as we continue to reorganize the new site and determine the best configuration.
  • We are also trying to clean up and modernize every single page on the website, so that the formatting will match the new look. That is a lot of pages! So, some pages will look odd until we can get to them. 
  • Most notably, we have hired a professional designer to help us improve the look of our website and develop a clear NPDN brand. Keep an eye out for changes to the logos, as well as additional improvements to the look and feel of the site as we implement the designer’s recommendations. 

Finally, migrating a website is not an easy task.  Please bear with us and be patient as things settle down in the new location. We have been testing the new site extensively, but we may miss some things. If you find links or tools not working in the new site, please email us at it@npdn.org so that we can fix them promptly.