Carrie Harmon – Executive Director, NPDN

Dear NPDN friends,
As I write this, the air is warm and turf samples are picking up—both signs of spring! We have just received the regional RFAs for the one-year NPDN projects and are using the committee reports and your data from the annual (now online!) lab evaluation survey that has replaced the Excel-style Accomplishment Reports. We are sorting through policy suggestions and figuring out implications of implementation to ensure maximum benefit for the network and minimal headache for all of us as individuals and project participants. 
The network has been busy! However, we know this productivity comes alongside your lab work, teaching responsibilities, and research projects, not to mention the rest of life, all under the added burden of the COVID mess. So please, take this summer to concentrate on what you must get done and feel good about doing. If you, or even your whole committee, need to step back for a bit, then do it. We will reconvene all the committees in September, with a kickoff cross-committee meeting to get everyone back on the same page. But for now, I wish you health, easy access to vaccines, semi-normalcy in the lab, and hopefully some time to play, recharge, and see precious family and friends. It has been a long slog, and the network never stopped, thanks entirely to you. Thank you for all you do.
Be well,