Combined Meeting of the 69th Annual Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens (formerly Soil Fungus Conference) and the APS Pacific Division Meeting

March 26-28, 2024
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

In 2024, the Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens will meet with the APS Pacific Division at Oregon State University, Corvallis March 26-28, 2024.

There will not be a separate registration for the Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens this year. Registration will be through APS Pacific Division Meeting.

If you want to present in the APS Pacific Division, you will need to submit an abstract. If you want to speak in the CSPP section, no abstract is required, but you need to contact Kelly Ivors (kelly.ivors@driscolls.com) to reserve a speaking slot

Information for hotels is also on the APS website.

Field Trip: Join us for a tour of the Dorena Genetic Resource Center. This USDA Forest Service research center provides genetic resources to the forest industry and specializes in breeding for disease resistance and generating seed. More details will be provided as the field trip approaches.

APS Pacific Division Symposium: Parsing Big Data for Big Impacts in Plant Pathology. Our keynote speakers will explain how they use new tools for big data science to create lasting, impactful research in plant pathology and related disciplines. From genomics to microbiome studies, our power to explore plants, pathogens, and their interactions is growing exponentially each year, and this information is informing and improving our ability to predict and control disease. Speakers will include Dr. Alexandra Weisberg of Oregon State University, Dr. Amisha Poret-Peterson of USDA-ARS, and Dr. Luke Hillary of the University of California, Davis.

APS Pacific Division Workshops: Careers 101 and How To Write a Plant Disease Note. 

Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens Symposium: Our keynote speaker, Dr. Jay Pscheidt, will provide a career retrospective on his time as a plant pathologist. Dr. Pscheidt will look back on his 35-year career as Oregon State University Extension Plant Pathology Specialist and share highlights, insights, and advice to current and future plant pathologists.

Student Travel Scholarships

Both APS Pacific Division and Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens will be offering $750 travel scholarships. You can apply for one or the other, but not both. Information for the APS Pacific Division scholarship is on their website. Information for the Martin Stoner Travel Scholarship Conference on Soilborne Plant Pathogens can be found at https://soilfungus.wsu.edu/martin-stoner-travel-scholarship-2024/

Hope to see you there, 

Timothy Paulitz
Meeting Coordinator 


Timothy Paulitz 
Research Plant Pathologist 
Rm. 2080 ITB Building
Washington State University, 
Pullman, WA 99164-6430 
Phone 509 335-7077 
Fax 509 335-7674 

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