• Dates offered: February 27, 2023 – March 01, 2023
  • Maximum course enrollment: 20
  • Length of time: 3 days - virtual

The Bioinformatics Module SS workshop is taught over 3 days and has both lecture and hands-on activities. The lectures will cover a range of sanger sequencing topics from primer design to introductory sequence analysis, as well as the molecular classification and diagnostics of a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, nematodes, Phytoplasmas, viruses and Phytophthora species. The hands-on portion of the workshop allows participants to analyze provided sequence data and use various bioinformatic tools for detection and diagnosis of plant pathogens. Participants also may analyze their own Sanger sequence data.

In recent years, this workshop has been presented using a virtual delivery format. Participants must have access to a computer. Presentation slides are text heavy, therefore, phones and tablets are not recommended. Participants must have access to Geneious prime software for the activities. Trial versions and monthly rental may be available if your institution does not own a license.

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