• Dates offered: March 27 – 29, 2023
  • Maximum course enrollment: 20
  • Length of time: 3 days – virtual

The Bioinformatics Module HTS workshop is taught over 3 days and has both lecture and hands-on activities. The lectures will cover a range of high throughput sequencing technologies, analysis tools, applications in plant pathogen diagnostics and data analysis pipelines. The hands-on portion allows participants to analyze example datasets using various open-source sequence analysis software publicly available on the Galaxy server for genome assembly and detection of plant pathogens.

In recent years, this workshop has been presented using a virtual delivery format. Participants must have access to a computer. Presentation slides are text heavy, therefore, phones and tablets are not recommended. Participants must have access to the Galaxy server for activities. No cost versions of Galaxy should be available.

*Note: ALL times listed for NPDN events shall be listed as Eastern Time.