The PPCDL-Beltsville Workshop planning team members want to remind everyone that we are hoping to hear from most people that want to attend the 2024 PPCDL-Beltsville Workshops by Wednesday, December 20, 2023. The planning team will be deciding which workshops will be held based on the numbers we have registered by this date.

Just as a reminder, the 2024 workshops will begin March 4, 2024 and run through April 4, 2024. To help you decide which workshops are right for you, course descriptions are posted at: https://www.npdn.org/beltsville_workshops_2024 

The portal page will also house other announcements and associated documents, as they are developed. The In-person workshops are shown on the calendar with solid lines surrounding the title and virtual workshops are shown with dashed lines surrounding the title. The banner style used for the Accreditation Workshop means it is offered both ways, in-person and virtually. 

Everyone who registered for the 2024 PPCDL virtual and/or in-person workshops should have received a response email. If you HAVE NOT received a response to your registration request email, please contact Barb Riker, and cc Karen Snover-Clift.

If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops, please contact Barb Riker at br347@cornell.edu and copy Karen Snover-Clift at kls13@cornell.edu. Check the NPDN portal frequently for updated information about the 2024 NPDN-PPCDL Advanced Diagnostic Workshops.

*Note: ALL times listed for NPDN events shall be listed as Eastern Time.