Bartlett Tree Experts’ Digital Sample Submission Program delivers:

  • Simple sample submission for disease, insect, plant identification, foliar/soil analysis samples, and other samples like suspected herbicide damage and water analysis
  • The selection of multiple test methods including a regular microscopic exam, Phytophthora testing, bacterial leaf scorch analysis, vascular wilt culturing, mushroom/conk identification, soil compaction testing, and several analyses performed by outside labs
  • Secure Diagnostic Forum attached to each sample to discuss test findings and solicit input from system collaborators
  • Addition of diagnostic images and Bartlett-published resources to diagnostic reports distributed to clients
  • Ability to edit key sample and all diagnostic information
  • Robust reporting structures to collate sample submission by submitter, office, and company region as well as diagnostician responsiveness
  • Build-Your-Own reporting tools to locate sample results and export matching records for additional data analysis
  • Management consoles for test costs, additional informative resources, user account management, and predefined diagnostic responses