The NPDN National Data Repository (NDR) is a database that collects diagnostic data from NPDN diagnostic laboratories throughout the USA and its territories. It provides the plant diagnostic community with information on whether a pest or pathogen is new, emerging, re-emerging, or increasing in any given area. NPDN diagnosticians upload diagnostic data to maintain the NDR with the most current information. New data is added every day.

The NDR is managed by the NPDN IT Center

As intentional or accidental disclosure of some pest occurrence data can have trade implications and can put state regulators in a difficult situation, data in the NDR is not of public access. Before accessing the NDR for the first time, NPDN users take a short training to understand these data confidentiality concerns and agree to terms of use that prohibit any data disclosure. They are asked to review and agree to this data use policy once a year. 

In order to better serve the plant health community, NPDN wants to make non-sensitive diagnostic data available to a broader audience. Non-NPDN parties can request pest diagnostic data using the data request form. NDR users can also use the data request form to request permission to share data.

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