Please be as detailed as possible in your request as it will make it easier for the team to make a decision.

Understand the data

Most of the diagnostic data in the NPDN National Data Repository (NDR) represent samples that were collected through passive surveillance and not through targeted surveys. We encourage data requesters to study the document "Understanding data in the NDR". It contains important information about the data sources, types of data, and diagnostic confidence of the data you are requesting. Also, keep in mind that the absence of confirmed detections for a particular organism or group of organisms does not imply that those organisms are absent from the USA or territories reporting to the NDR.

Be specific

Requests can only be accommodated when the organism(s) is/are named specifically (genus/species) for both host and pest, using current taxonomic nomenclature. Requests that are vague with respect to organisms, location, or time period will be denied.

Regulatory concerns

Data requesters must be aware that some of the diagnostic data in the NDR is considered sensitive by different states due to regulatory and trade concerns. There are no clear guidelines on which pests are considered sensitive by different states. As a result some requests may be delayed as reviewers evaluate the information for risks of disclosure. To facilitate your request, you are encouraged to provide any information you may have about regulatory concerns for the data you are requesting, and contact your SPRO for guidance.

Commercial uses

Requests that are for commercial purposes, or to support business development, may be denied as we work with our funding agency to define a policy on supporting commercial activity.

Data use

Raw data provided by NPDN are confidential and cannot be shared. Data are provided to you solely for the uses you indicate in your data request. The requestor must acknowledge NPDN as the source of the data.

Request Data