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Teaspoon Software's goal is to be the low-cost, high-value laboratory information management system (LIMS) of choice for diagnostic labs. With almost 30 years of experience providing budget-friendly, easy to use, configurable solutions to dozens of labs across the country, Teaspoon Software's flagship application, PClinic, is joined by similar solutions specifically for nematode labs (NClinic) and insect labs (IClinic).

All of Teaspoon Software's applications include:
  • Unlimited Samples and Images
  • Customizable Host and Pest/Pathogen Dictionaries with Canned Recommendations
  • Receipt and Reply/Report Generation
  • Remote Sample Entry
  • Integrated Billing Module with Invoicing, Receipt Generation, and Payment Tracking
  • Training & Customer Support
  • Over a Dozen Canned Reports
  • Data Export for Advanced Analysis


Getting to Know PClinic

Sample Functions

Sample Entry
  • Tabbed interface puts all essential information in one place
  • Comprehensive data collection for all of your lab's needs
  • User-friendly controls for efficient use
Lab Tests
  • Record the tests performed for the sample, optionally specifying the outcome and specialist who performed the test
Diagnosis Entry
  • Unlimited diagnoses per sample
  • Easily tailored to communicate important information to client
  • Add any number of images or PDFs
  • Add captions and lab comments, and adjust how they behave on responses to clients
Search and Print/Email
  • Powerful search functionality lets you easily find your information, and doubles as an ad-hoc query tool
  • Generate Sample Receipts, Reply Letters, Invoices, and Internal Worksheets, with customizable inclusion of information, for printing or easy emailing to any/all interested parties
Printing and Copying
  • Perform advanced functions like printing multiple samples' information in one step
  • Create copies of a sample’s information quickly to handle submission of sample sets
NPDN Upload (optional)
  • Automatically upload complete Sample data to the National Data Repository
Remote Entry & Import (optional)
  • Setup trusted users outside of the lab who are granted "Upload Only" permissions
  • Remote users get a dedicated dashboard of just their samples - to add new ones or review the status of those previously entered. They can:
    • Easily enter scaled-down sample information
    • Flag a sample as "virtual", so lab staff know not to expect a physical specimen
    • Attach associated images to the sample - even take them directly from a phone/tablet!
    • Finish entry by generating/emailing a receipt that can be given to the grower, and sent in with the sample
  • Uploaded samples remain in a holding area, waiting for review and import by lab staff


Other Modules

  • Lab-specific Host, Pest/Pathogen, and Identification dictionaries that can be tailored to the state/region
  • Customizable canned recommendations can be assoicated with each Pest/Pathogen, and easily used and updated when making diagnoses
  • Integration with the National Data Repository's dictionaries, with the ability to easily import entries to the local dictionaries
  • Default and adjustable fee amount
  • Support for 3rd Party Payers
  • Flexible assignment of payer
  • Integrated accounting functions automatically adjust the sample's payment status
  • Generate custom and bulk invoices
  • Email your invoices directly from PClinic
  • Support for pre-paid credits
  • Easily apply payments/credits to samples
  • Partially pay for a single sample, or easily pay for multiple samples at once
  • Optionally generate payment receipts
  • Over a dozen predefined reports give you insight into your lab's operations
  • Quickly generate end-of-year reports and statistics
  • Find cases of missing data entry
  • Export PClinic data to make it easy for advanced data analysis in Excel
  • Create local backups of critical lab sample and dictionary data
  • Create unlimited local users to each lab's database
  • Functional permission levels allow tight control of what users can read and update
Lookup Tables
  • Fully configurable lists for virtually all picklists, including:
    • County
    • Crop Location
    • Diagnosis Type
    • Grower and Grower Type
    • Lab Test
    • Payment Type
    • Plant Part
    • Sample Quality
    • Submitter and Submitter Type
    • Third-party Payer
System Configuration
  • Enter and update general lab information, like name, address, and email
  • Set up output footer "templates" for Sample Receipts, Reply Letters, and Invoices


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