GPDN Webinar Series 2020

Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Title Webinar Link
Dr. Todd Gaines Colorado State University 1/15/2020 Amaranth Biology & Identification Link
Dr. Neil McRoberts UC Davis 1/22/2020 The information content of diagnostics Link
Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier University of Kentucky 1/29/2020 Crop rotations & potential pathogen carry-over in hemp Link
Dr. Raymond Cloyd Kansas State University 2/05/2020 Insect and Mite Identification in Greenhouses Link
Mrs. Jen Olson and Dr. Francisco Ochoa-Corona Oklahoma State University 2/12/2020 Direct trapping of plant viruses Link
Dr. Alison Brennan Montana State University 2/19/2020 Recommendations and Resources for Responding to Distressed Producers Link
Dr. Dawn Gouge University of Arizona 2/26/2020 The Perfect Ectoparasite- Bed Bugs and IPM Link
Mr. Ryan Armbrust Kansas Forest Service 3/04/2020 Community Tree Diversity: Building Resilience Against Invasive Insects, Diseases, and Plants Link