GPDN Webinar Series 2018

Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Title Webinar Link
Jessica Rupp Montana State University 01/17/2018 Drones in Ag: The Wild West link
Marion Murray Utah State University 01/24/2018 Identifying and Remedying Abiotic Injury of Certain Fruit, Vegetable, and Ornamental Plants link
Brian Hudelson University of Wisconsin-Madison 01/31/2018 Conifer Diseases I Have Loved link
James Stack Kansas State University 02/07/2018 Report from the NPDN Executive Committee regarding the NPDN Strategic Plan link
Sylvia McNeill McNeill’s Tree Service 02/14/2018 Soil Health in Residential Settings link
Amy Gannon Montana Dept. of Natural Resources & Conservation 02/21/2018 Occurrence of bark beetles following wildfire link
Febina Mathew & Kristina Petrovic South Dakota State University 02/28/2018 Diagnosing disease caused by Diaporthe/Phomopsis complex on soybean link
Sally Miller Ohio State University 03/07/2018 How should biopesticides be evaluated and recommended for use in vegetable disease management programs?