GPDN Webinar Series 2017

Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Title Webinar Link
Rawnaq Chowdhury South Dakota State University 1/18/2017 Pathotype characterization of Phytophthora sojae affecting soybean in South Dakota
Noelle Orloff Montana State University 1/25/2017 The wonderful world of weeds: plant identification and herbicide injury diagnosis at the Schutter Diagnostic Lab
Dr. Cathy Cripps Montana State University 2/1/2017 Learning about Montana’s Mushrooms
Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2/8/2017 Introduction to Bacterial Leaf Streak Disease of Corn
Dr. Diane Alston Utah State University 2/15/2017 IPM for Primary Insect Pests of Apple and Cherry
Dr. Febina Mathew & Paul Okello South Dakota State University 2/22/2017 Fusarium spp. interacting with soybean cyst nematode on soybean
Dr. Jim Stack Kansas State University 3/1/2017 Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Early Detection Extending NPDN’s Reach
Dr. Megan Kennelly Kansas State University 3/8/2017 Solving turf puzzles - It's not as bad as you think!