GPDN Webinar Series 2015

GPDN Webinar Series 2015

Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Title Webinar Link
Toby Day Montana State University 1/20/2015 Dealing with Clients-An Extension Horticulturist's Perspective

Sharon Bowman Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. 1/27/2015 6 Presentation Tips from "Training from the BACK of the Room!"

Francisco Ochoa Corona Oklahoma State University 2/4/2015 Invention versus Innovation? New Diagnostics Methods useful for the GPDN

Barry Jacobsen Montana State University 2/10/2015 Identifying Mycotoxin Problems and Client Counseling

Jaqueline Fletcher Oklahoma State University 2/17/2015 My Patients Were Green: Musings on a Plant Pathologist's Meandering Career Path

Michelle Gilley & Ryan Humann North Dakota State University 2/24/2015 Downy Mildew of Sunflower: Evolving Pathogen and Management Tools

Febina Mathew & Paul N. Okello South Dakota State University 3/3/2015 Characterization of Fusarium Species infecting Soybean Roots in South Dakota

Michael Hill CERIS - Purdue University 3/10/2015 How to Navigate the NPDN Repository