GPDN Webinar Series 2011

Speaker Affiliation Date Seminar Title Webinar Link
Frank Peair CSU 02/23/2011 Development of IPM approaches for Russian wheat aphid
Shannon Arnold MSU 03/09/2011 Creating Interactive and Engaging Activities for Adult Learners
Jim Stack KSU 03/16/2011 NPDN: A solid foundation and a decade of achievement. Now what?
Karen Snover-Clift
Dawn O'Brien
Cornell 03/23/2011 STAR-D-NPDN's Laboratory Accreditation Quality Management System
Tamra Jackson UNL 03/30/2011 Nematodes of Corn: Tools and Tidbits for Diagnosticians
Bill Jacobi CSU 04/13/2011 Salts and Tree Health
Janet Knodel NDSU 04/20/2011 Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite